Worried About Lockdown? Us Too.

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis (shout out to Mum and Dad), will know that this blog is all about promoting the mental wellbeing of my readers by offering inspiring real life content and motivational pieces.

In the flesh, I’m no different. Unsatisfied unless I’ve done something productive in my day, I try and encourage mental wellbeing in both myself and my partner Darren. However, sometimes I need help and Darren, his sister Louise and my family have all been there to support me in this difficult time.

It goes to show that everyone needs help from time to time and just because your friend or family member seems to have their life in order, things may not always be as peachy as they appear.

I have worries and concerns everyday about a whole host of things, mainly financial due to losing my full time job as a product lister for an eCommerce brand, but I do my best to plod through. We deal with the hand we’re dealt and although sometimes it feels like a lot of others have landed on their feet where I keep stumbling and falling over, I keep moving forward because that’s all I can do.

However dark things may seem at the moment, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Watching Darren progress at learning the ukulele and seeing the chord progression finally click in his brain yesterday was super encouraging and I am so proud of him.

It’s definitely true that other people’s energies reflect onto you and vice versa and as we carry on like the good Brits we are, I do feel hopeful, regardless of my worries. We will return to our new normal one day but for now, we should be making the best of things.

Things will have a habit of working themselves out, we just have to believe it so.

Until next time.

Motivation March

2017 is still full of possibility and excitement. Just because we’re already three months in doesn’t mean you’ve wasted this year. I’ve been working on this blog every day since the start of the year, with the exception of a few holidays here and there, I have been posting articles, building connections and networking. Friday I finally reached 50 followers and it feels like all that hard work has paid off.

2017 has so many possibilities. My friend moved across the UK, taking a huge leap of faith and she’s finally feeling like she’s reached a happy point in her life. She’ll be 30 this year (which she will probably hit me for reminding people) and up until recently had been stuck in a rut which goes to show how important is to keep moving forward and strive for that happy ending.

Life is an adventure and we should all start treating it like one. So what if we’re three months into the year? Make an executive decision and put your best foot forward. Have a fresh start, learn to be happy. After all, we only get one try at life and surely it would be better to be happy and have memories than to have wasted it on could haves and missed opportunities?

This year I still plan on publishing my first fiction novel and hope to keep my upward momentum going with my blog until eventually, I feel like I can call myself an official author/blogger. I hope that in sharing my motivations I will, in turn, motivate you, dear reader.

How do you get motivated? What have you done this year that you are proud of? Let me know in the comments below and let’s continue to build this community together by promoting each other in every way we can, in our writing and in our day to day lives.