Being The Best You & Encouraging Others

I found myself having a discussion about who I’d be in an ideal world if money wasn’t an option. I said that if I could buy what I liked, when I liked, that I’d be one of those women who ate avocado toast for breakfast, drank healthy smoothies for lunch, did yoga in the early hours of the morning and pole dancing lessons to strengthen my core. My partner said he’d love to take up skating again and get some sort of exercise routine going.

Our discussion got me thinking about how we could mutually encourage each other to do these things, to make ourselves the best versions of ourselves. We ended up looking for used in-line skates on Facebook marketplace and gumtree to see if there were any cheap skates going. Unfortunately there weren’t at that point but the seed had been planted so that we could keep an eye out for the future.

My partner suggested that I start getting up with him in the morning and doing my yoga then in the living room, following along to a YouTube video. The only hurdle I have to overcome in the mornings is actually getting out of bed that early and not just wasting the time on my phone.

I enjoyed our discussion, our small sharing session incited excitement and got the brain cogs whirring. It also felt like an intimate discussion, an honest expression of our hopes and dreams, albeit humble ideas. It’s these kinds of conversations I live for, these two way streets which allow both parties freedom to express themselves without fear of being judged or persecuted.

I highly recommend opening a dialogue with your significant other about what each others hopes and dreams are for the future. If both couples are willing to discuss, it’ll offer a really fulfilling conversation which I think is much needed during this current climate.

So how about it? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? How can you see your best self? Are there small steps you can take now to achieve these goals?

Until next time.

Getting Back Up Again After Failing

For once in my life I’ve felt comfortable in my situation even though I’m about as far from settled as one could be.

I recently took on a role working as a business developer for an interior design company, an exciting new challenge or so I first thought. As you may or may not know, I have a growing love for interior design and in order to follow my passion I decided to find an entry route into the industry by getting in contact with a local company who actually took an interest in my application. Upon starting, I realised it wasn’t what I was after.

A week of excuses, of telling myself that this was the job for me, I realised that I wasn’t suitable for the position and resigned, returning to my old job at a scrutinised retail base near my home town. Returning to familiarity.

Of course, I was disheartened. I had just taken a massive leap of faith and it hadn’t worked out the way I wanted it to. I wasn’t about to put unwanted hours into a company that had sent me home in tears because I wasn’t power hungry enough or driven by sales targets. Instead, I’ve taken a step backwards into a role I am comfortable maintaining while I expand my savings and work on my writing.

I’ve realised that this is what I value from life, the opportunity to grow and experience as much as I can. Although I may be coming up for my quarter century on this planet and I haven’t achieved much in the way of a career, I have achieved so much more in the way of experience and personal growth. Money and career can only take you so far in life, experience will carry you the rest of the way.

It’s taken a long time to write anything I’ve thought to be of value because of the chaotic nature of my experiences this past year or so but it’s days like today, when I find myself in between jobs, that I really feel oddly hopeful and inspired.

I’ve taken a breath and now I’m ready to dive back in, not with tri-weekly posts like before but with more thoughtful and inspiring content.

I hope you will join me in my musings, laugh with me at my terrible experiences, such as the time I embarrassed myself in a bar in Brighton, or learn from my (endearingly idiotic) mistakes.

See you next time.

Kirsty x