Being The Best You & Encouraging Others

I found myself having a discussion about who I’d be in an ideal world if money wasn’t an option. I said that if I could buy what I liked, when I liked, that I’d be one of those women who ate avocado toast for breakfast, drank healthy smoothies for lunch, did yoga in the early hours of the morning and pole dancing lessons to strengthen my core. My partner said he’d love to take up skating again and get some sort of exercise routine going.

Our discussion got me thinking about how we could mutually encourage each other to do these things, to make ourselves the best versions of ourselves. We ended up looking for used in-line skates on Facebook marketplace and gumtree to see if there were any cheap skates going. Unfortunately there weren’t at that point but the seed had been planted so that we could keep an eye out for the future.

My partner suggested that I start getting up with him in the morning and doing my yoga then in the living room, following along to a YouTube video. The only hurdle I have to overcome in the mornings is actually getting out of bed that early and not just wasting the time on my phone.

I enjoyed our discussion, our small sharing session incited excitement and got the brain cogs whirring. It also felt like an intimate discussion, an honest expression of our hopes and dreams, albeit humble ideas. It’s these kinds of conversations I live for, these two way streets which allow both parties freedom to express themselves without fear of being judged or persecuted.

I highly recommend opening a dialogue with your significant other about what each others hopes and dreams are for the future. If both couples are willing to discuss, it’ll offer a really fulfilling conversation which I think is much needed during this current climate.

So how about it? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? How can you see your best self? Are there small steps you can take now to achieve these goals?

Until next time.

Cuddle Parties Exist?

I found out recently that such a thing exists as a cuddle party, where people meet up to embrace each other to combat loneliness.

It’s fascinating how touch affects the brain, especially when we’re deprived of human skin to skin contact. I mean, look at prisoners in isolation.

In the book I’m reading, “Give a f**k” by Felicity Morse, she discusses Peter Collins, a convicted murderer who had been locked in confinement so long that when a fly landed on his leg he closed his eyes and imagined it was his wife’s fingers just to feel excitement. If that wasn’t wild enough, he enjoyed his experience so much that he used to bite the inside of his cheeks until he bled and smeared the blood across his legs in order to attract more flies. You can watch his harrowing video ‘a fly in Ointment’ here.

When we embrace someone, our bodies release hormones which make us feel happier, safe, and help us to develop trustful bonds with people. It’s why they say you should experience at least one hug a day to feel like yourself.

When we can’t cuddle because family is too distant, or you have friends which aren’t very touchy-feely we can feel increasingly lonely as time goes on.

For me, a good squeeze makes me feel wonderful and I would advise consensual embraces be shared more and more as opposed to less and less which is where our society is leading us.

Years ago I used to be a part of a hippie community which met up at least once a year for an electronic device free booze fest. I didn’t appreciate it back then but now I see why they had incredibly lengthy embraces upon arrival and why everyone was so happy during their stay. They were not only stepping away from a society which revolves around technology but they stepped into a warm and welcome environment, got fresh air and the physical contact they were probably craving.

And if I could cuddle the lot of you, I would.

As thanks to you loyal readers, I have had the highest monthly viewer count and visitors to the website ever which is amazing and I hope we can keep it up and make 2019 a really good year for TheRoamBlogger.


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Motivation March

2017 is still full of possibility and excitement. Just because we’re already three months in doesn’t mean you’ve wasted this year. I’ve been working on this blog every day since the start of the year, with the exception of a few holidays here and there, I have been posting articles, building connections and networking. Friday I finally reached 50 followers and it feels like all that hard work has paid off.

2017 has so many possibilities. My friend moved across the UK, taking a huge leap of faith and she’s finally feeling like she’s reached a happy point in her life. She’ll be 30 this year (which she will probably hit me for reminding people) and up until recently had been stuck in a rut which goes to show how important is to keep moving forward and strive for that happy ending.

Life is an adventure and we should all start treating it like one. So what if we’re three months into the year? Make an executive decision and put your best foot forward. Have a fresh start, learn to be happy. After all, we only get one try at life and surely it would be better to be happy and have memories than to have wasted it on could haves and missed opportunities?

This year I still plan on publishing my first fiction novel and hope to keep my upward momentum going with my blog until eventually, I feel like I can call myself an official author/blogger. I hope that in sharing my motivations I will, in turn, motivate you, dear reader.

How do you get motivated? What have you done this year that you are proud of? Let me know in the comments below and let’s continue to build this community together by promoting each other in every way we can, in our writing and in our day to day lives.