Mystery Blogger Award

Much like a bus, two awards arrived when I wasn’t expecting any. Thank you ever so much to Tish MacWebber for the nomination. I always love seeing my friends and family receive recognition for their work as it inspires a sense of pride. To be actually provided an award of my own for doing something I love is incredible.

Blogger Recognition Award

A few days ago I submitted my work on the off chance it would receive a bit more exposure and develop my networking. What I didn’t expect was to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I would like to thank Rock Your World for the recent nomination (and recommend that you check out the blog!).

Writing Prompt #16

The waves slapped against the stones in the dreary early morning light, the slow heavy crunch of footsteps and vicious caw of circling seagulls the only sounds that could be heard for miles.

The detective stopped and dug his hands deep into his trouser pockets with a sigh.

The Travel Diaries: Dorset

While sitting in the sun, feeling the breeze on my shoulders in the mid afternoon sipping on strawberry ciders it’s hard not to get carried away with possibilities. The things that could be, the hopes and dreams that appear when you’re most relaxed and comfortable.

Writing Masterclass: Editing (Part 2)

After a particularly helpful comment on last week’s masterclass, I decided to take their advice and write another post on the editing process.

To edit is to prepare a written piece for publication by means of condensing or correction but how do we action these in real life?

Completing My Online Course: An Honest Review

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about signing up for an online course. I asked whether I thought it was worth paying for an online course to improve your skills and my summary was that yes, it was indeed worth parting with the hard earned cash.

Last night I finished the course.