How to Write a Great Review

Reviews are a great way to improve your own writing, even when you’re writing about someone else’s work, as when you critique you can then see what works and what doesn’t work.


Writing Masterclass: The Rebel Archetype

The first person you might think of when you think of rebel characters may be Han Solo, the space anarchist of the century. But what makes Han Solo’s character so damn likeable and how can we emulate this within our own writing?

Writing Prompt #23 Attention

Her dress clung to her every curve as if she had spent an hour in a downpour. She was flawless. She was the temptress luring men to their doom with her good looks and an infectious laugh that made John melt at the sound.

Game Review: Little Nightmares- The Depths DLC

I’ve watched many a fan theory of what the story of Little Nightmares is actually about and my favourite by far is the theory that Six, our little yellow raincoat wearing protagonist, is the offspring of the Geisha antagonist which we see towards the end of the game.

Thursday’s New Music Review

Every time the summer rolls around I get really into my dance and club music, my happy vibes. It reminds me of travelling to Paris with my friend Lucy, blasting out 80s & 90s club classics alongside new, more modern dubstep and pop remixes. It reminds me of being in the crowd at Disclosure at reading festival 2016, merry and loving life with my new found friends.