Meet The Team

Kirsty Allen

Owner of The RoamBlogger

Kirsty Allen is the owner of the RoamBlogger, with 5+ years experience working with eCommerce businesses as a Product Listing Administrator, Data Assistant as well as in Sales and Marketing. She has a BA (hons) degree in Animation, working as a mentor alongside her studies, her background in visual design and account management inform her mindful but competitive approach to business.

The RoamBlogger began as a personal blog about lifestyle and design in 2017. It grew to accommodate a larger audience and became the epicentre for art commissions and motivational blog posts until eventually Kirsty decided to take the plunge and set up The RoamBlogger as an Graphic design & Ecommerce business in 2019.

Since then the business has taken on a few large scale projects including: developing and managing an online packaging and business stationery company, actively helping them to improve web traffic and overall business online. We have worked alongside a prestigious fashion brand and a accessory brand in Hailsham to optimise product listings and improve web presence with marketing emails and newsletters.

The business has also worked with the Mad Catter Vintage Cat Café in Eastbourne town as a web consultant, offering advice on the best practices to follow when moving businesses online, and we offered creative design solutions for Lucy to use within her current website.

Kirsty would like to continue developing her business into a recognisable Ecommerce brand in East Sussex and would therefore really appreciate your feedback. Please leave us a review on TrustPilot today.

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