Mystery Blogger Award

Much like a bus, two awards arrived when I wasn’t expecting any. Thank you ever so much to Tish MacWebber for the nomination. I always love seeing my friends and family receive recognition for their work as it inspires a sense of pride. To be actually provided an award of my own for doing something I love is incredible.


Blogger Recognition Award

A few days ago I submitted my work on the off chance it would receive a bit more exposure and develop my networking. What I didn’t expect was to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I would like to thank Rock Your World for the recent nomination (and recommend that you check out the blog!).

Best Upcoming Films 2017 (meme edition)

Memes are an integral part of my life. Since late 2014 I have been a regular visitor to Tumblr, that waste of space app that really uses up a lot of the internet to post shitty images meant to make people laugh, has had me hooked for years. This weekend I am planning to go…

Inspiring the Writer

The other night I laid awake, not able to sleep, my mind active with wild and intricate ideas. It was peacefully frustrating as I knew I had work in the morning and how tired I’d be if I only managed to get an hour of kip.