A Review of Birthdays

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the number of rubbish birthdays I’ve experienced, maybe I’m getting cynical as I grow older, or maybe I just have too high an expectation of what a birthday should be. Either way, this year something was very different.

The Travel Diaries: Dorset

While sitting in the sun, feeling the breeze on my shoulders in the mid afternoon sipping on strawberry ciders it’s hard not to get carried away with possibilities. The things that could be, the hopes and dreams that appear when you’re most relaxed and comfortable.

Completing My Online Course: An Honest Review

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about signing up for an online course. I asked whether I thought it was worth paying for an online course to improve your skills and my summary was that yes, it was indeed worth parting with the hard earned cash.

Last night I finished the course.