“Practical” Fashion Review

I recently took on a freelance writing job which is being slotted in between my 9-5. I am so busy that this morning I even forgot to wash my hair (amen to dry shampoo!) so I’m not one for over thinking my outfit before I rush out the front door with the promise that I’ll grab breakfast on the way to work (I never do)…


New Music Review

Asido has everything that reminds you of a cheesy drum and bass remix: piano riff, heavy bass lines and a steady beat to bob along to but then, about 19 seconds in, the bass sets in and you are suddenly reminded why Purity Ring stood out in front of the crowd.

How To Make Connections on Social Media

For those of you that keep up to date with the goings on in my life, thank you, you will see that my Twitter following has sky rocketed to the 1000+ mark in just a few months. Contrary to popular belief I did not pay for followers, I treated them like individual people, not things to be collected.

How to Write a Great Review

Reviews are a great way to improve your own writing, even when you’re writing about someone else’s work, as when you critique you can then see what works and what doesn’t work.

Game Review: Little Nightmares- The Depths DLC

I’ve watched many a fan theory of what the story of Little Nightmares is actually about and my favourite by far is the theory that Six, our little yellow raincoat wearing protagonist, is the offspring of the Geisha antagonist which we see towards the end of the game.

Thursday’s New Music Review

Every time the summer rolls around I get really into my dance and club music, my happy vibes. It reminds me of travelling to Paris with my friend Lucy, blasting out 80s & 90s club classics alongside new, more modern dubstep and pop remixes. It reminds me of being in the crowd at Disclosure at reading festival 2016, merry and loving life with my new found friends.