New Music Review

Asido has everything that reminds you of a cheesy drum and bass remix: piano riff, heavy bass lines and a steady beat to bob along to but then, about 19 seconds in, the bass sets in and you are suddenly reminded why Purity Ring stood out in front of the crowd.

How To Make Connections on Social Media

For those of you that keep up to date with the goings on in my life, thank you, you will see that my Twitter following has sky rocketed to the 1000+ mark in just a few months. Contrary to popular belief I did not pay for followers, I treated them like individual people, not things to be collected.

Writing Masterclass: Slowing Down the Pace of a Narrative

Recently I was asked to read and review a novelette after offering some honest opinions on a group in social media. During my first read, I began to notice similarities between our creative writings: neither of us had slowed the pace of the action and because of that the smaller, more intricate details that make our readers love our characters were overlooked.